Friday, January 30, 2009

Buddy Walk

We're already raising money for this year's Buddy Walk. Please see the side bar to donate or visit


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Heading to Disney

Well, in a few hours we'll all be waking up to spend the day at Disney. We have a friend of the family in town with his wife and kids, and we'll be joining them. Aubrey is SO excited, she even cleaned her room! It's so nice to having something great to use when you need a room to get cleaned. I'm exhausted, and should be in bed, but I think I'll just toss and turn once I get there. I arrived at work Friday at 4:15am for an audit. We had a meeting at noon, I left at 5:00pm and returned at 7:00pm and didn't leave again until 2:00am. 20 hours working... salary sucks! I need to go back again tomorrow night, but I'm not sure if I'll make it. I need to study for a test coming up Wednesday, plus we have the Disney plans for tomorrow, and I also have to be at work at 4:00am on Monday. Monday I'll be transferring to a new location. Hopefully I'll be there for a bit longer than my past locations. Plus this one is closer to home.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Common Ground Park

Common Ground Park is a park for children of ALL abilities. This park opened at 3:00pm yesterday after being under construction for approximately 1 year, and a cost of $1.9 million. We were there for the grand opening. It was so exciting! The park has a butterfly theme, and $585,000 were raised for the park from a butterfly sculpture auction. You'll see some of the butterflies in the pictures below. Several companies donated funds and services for this project.

Bailey is so excited. A park for her!

It was hard keeping up with Aubrey. There is just so much to do.

This sandbox is huge! Next to it is a rock wall. Not your typical rock wall, I'll have to post pictures of it later when we visit again. There were just too many people there, so I couldn't get all the pictures I wanted.

The park is designed with different levels of difficulty. A map is located at the entrance. The map shows all areas of the park and the levels of difficulty at each area. They also have recordings at the map that tell you about the park and the name each area and level of difficulty. The tunnels above are large enough for children with wheelchairs to get through.

American Sign Language

Picnic tables for the kiddos. This area is also has music playing. When we were here it was playing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes!

This is a music area.

She loves it!

The park is only 10 minutes from our house! We plan to visit again over the next few days. Hopefully it will be less crowded, and warmer! I'll get more pictures to show then.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

1:00am Updates That May Not Make Sense

It's 1:00am and I'm still awake. Aubrey has a birthday party to go to at 10:00am tomorrow...err... today! Hopefully I can find the energy to roll out of bed, get myself and the girls clean, and be at the party at 10:00.

I spent much of the morning working on medical bills. Bailey isn't even 2 years old yet and she's had insurance through 3 different companies, which has made for some confusion. So, because of the confusion I've received several late notices. Some of those are from doctors I haven't even heard of. Oh well.

Florida won! Isn't that great? So, that means we have a happy home. I knew this game would be challenging, and I wasn't looking forward to game night, but it wasn't bad at all. Keith had a few moments of yelling and screaming, but who didn't?

I'm back in school. This term began on Wednesday. I was concerned that money would be too tight for me to return this term, but we worked it out. Thankfully, I'm able to use the same book from last term, I just had to get another lab book. I'm also only taking one class which will make things easier for me. It was really difficult last term taking two classes and working anywhere between 50-60 hours.

Work is going okay. I thought I had an opportunity to get closer to home, but that fell through. I know it will happen when the time is right, but it just isn't happening quick enough. I'd love to just be 5-10 minutes from home. Then, I could probably spend more time at work and show up there throughout the night to check on my employees without the dread of the long drive.

Aubrey and Bailey are both doing very well. Aubrey was coughing some this week, but it never seemed to bother her. Bailey has been staph free for a few weeks. Isn't that exciting! We've had a few issues with Aubrey and her desire to talk back. She refuses to do anything we tell her and she talks to us like she's a teenager. She's only 3!

Keith is doing okay. He'll be having his wisdom teeth removed on Monday. I'm sure he won't be feeling well after that. I had such a difficult time when I had mine removed many many years ago. The company he works for laid off several marketing employees and engineers. One of which was from his office. That leaves him as the only engineer in his office, so I'm hoping that means job security. These people are more victims of our economy. I remember a year ago when I was laid off. It was so difficult having to start over. I found it impossible to find a replacement job with the same position I held and my salary was also cut in half. I couldn't imagine having to find one now.

Well, I'm going finish watching Squid Invasion.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our Cheerleaders

For those that know us, they know that Keith is very passionate about football. Especially, the Gators. Bailey and Aubrey also share the same excitement for the team. Here are a few pictures that were taken before tonight's game.

There was a time I had pictures of cheerleader Aubrey, but those are missing. But, as you can see she is a gator fan.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Aunt Kelli Visits

My sister, Michael, and Peyton visited this week. Here are a few pics. Enjoy!