Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Well it's 3am. For some reason I continue getting roommates with issues. Last night I had a snorer, and tonight I have someone who requires the door to be open and someone has to sit with her. Thankfully, I slept all day.

I was admitted to the hospital yesterday because of a blood clot. I was put on Heparin and thankfully this was discovered before it travelled to my lungs.

Since the birth of Chloe I have been quite sick. Total exhaustion and just not feeling well. My hemoglobin dropped very low and I was admitted 2 months ago for a few days to receive IV meds. Since my release I have been seeing a hematologist who gives me IV venofer weekly. The clinic felt I would benefit from having a PICC line and it was inserted on Thursday. By Friday I was already showing signs of a clot, and I finally went to the doctor yesterday. This is my 3rd clot in 4 months, but my first deep vein.

When the previous clot was discovered they did an ultrasound and found that I have a large thyroid nodule. They did a biopsy which came back inconclusive. So, as long as I continue to recover well it will be removed on Thursday. They will check the nodule immediately and if it is malignant they will remove my entire thyroid.

The doctors suspect I may have an autoimmune disorderb which caused these issues to suddenly appear. I see a rheumotologist next week to confirm or deny those suspicions.

I don't feel as bad as I may sound. With a little patience it will all get better.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It's hard to believe Chloe is already 4 months old. Having three little ones has been a challenge, but well worth it. Aubrey and Bailey love having Chloe in the house, and have adjusted well to the changes. Chloe loves her swing, and loves eating. Her doctor actually told us to cut back on how much she eats. This is such a change from when we had Bailey. It's difficult to know when enough is enough, especially when she wants to continue eating. She is now on solids and doing very well. She's had rice cereal, bananas, and sweet potatoes. Tomorrow she will try carrots or green beans.

Chloe looks so much like Keith. It's funny how different each of our children are. Bailey and I look alike, and Aubrey is a combination the two of us. Chloe spends most of her days at my parent's or Keith's moms house. She loves to smile and laugh, but she does not like being out of the house. She screams when we go to restaurants, parties, or shopping.