Saturday, July 5, 2008

Button and Florida DS Conference

We've had major computer issues, so this will be one of many updates I'll try to do over the next few days. I'm STILL trying to do a three year montage of Aubrey, but this 3 week computer issue is making everything impossible.

Bailey had her g-tube removed on Thursday and now has a button. I think it will eventually be great, but right now we're still on continuous feeds, so I'm not able to see the benefit yet. She was amazing. We stayed in the room with her while they prepped her and started to gas her. We gave our kisses and went to the waiting room long enough for Keith to make a few calls and for me to check my e-mail. Thanks to the hospital hotspot for allowing me the opportunity to catch up with my internet life. The doctor came to get us, gave us a few instructions and within thirty minutes we were out the door.

Oh, and for those in Florida. The Florida Down Syndrome Conference packets are available. Here's the link for the packet.

More later.


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