Thursday, February 5, 2009


I got in the van this morning and the temperature reading was 27 degrees! Here? In Florida? Then, I saw icicles!?! In Florida? It's just too cold!

Bailey had a swallow study last week and it went very well. Hopefully, she'll have her feeding tube removed in the near future. Since my last update she's had another staph infection. Once the tube is removed we won't have to worry as much about staph. She's still having speech, PT, and OT twice per week. Speech is going very well, but PT isn't. She loves to scoot and roll, but has no interest in crawling.

Aubrey is doing fine too. We've been battling a cold on and off, but who hasn't? She's sweet one day, and a little trouble maker the next. She can spell her name, and knows her address. I'm so proud of her! She has a valentine/boyfriend. Melissa, if you're reading this... Colby is her valentine!

Keith and I are doing okay. The company Keith works for has been doing layoffs for several weeks. Since Keith is the only engineer in his office, I feel he is safe, but I still continue to worry. Unfortunately it will probably be a while before the economy stabilizes, which is sad. I hate seeing so many people lose their jobs. People whose families depend on them for financial support. Work is going okay for me. Our salaries are frozen due to these tough times, but at least we haven't started laying people off yet. Our COO and CEO took pay cuts, and travel by air has been restricted. School is going okay. It's tough, but I need to survive this term.

I have pictures from our recent trip to Disney and I'll post later. We really enjoyed visiting Bob and his family. It was nice seeing them again.


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