Friday, March 6, 2009

School and Dad

Last week I attended open house at Achievement Academy. It went great. I'm so excited that Bailey has the opportunity to attend classes there. She'll arrive at school each morning at 9:00am and her day will end at 2:00pm. It's so funny to think of our little girl going to school. She'll have circle time, arts and crafts, she'll learn her ABC's and 123's. She'll also receive her therapies there. School starts in August! We just hope she is one of the few children able to attend.

Dad had his appointment with the doctor Monday to receive his diagnosis. He's been sick since 2005. The diagnosis is Vascular Dementia. He was apparently hopeful that he had something that could be treated, but when he asked the doctor they told him there isn't a treatment option for Vascular Dementia. It's just so sad to think of him still having hope, and now, it's just been taken away. He will gradually decline, and I honestly thought I was okay with that, but now that we've received a diagnosis I find myself in tears each day. I'm sad when I think about my girls not having their grandpa around forever. I'm worried about how Aubrey will accept the progression of this disease. How she will understand what is happening. Now, I just pray for my mom to have the strength she'll need, and for my dad to remain as upbeat as possible and enjoy his family. They'll be joining us in just a few weeks on our cruise, and I can't wait to share this time with them.


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