Sunday, May 20, 2007


Such a horrible day. I never imagined when Bailey wasn't eating last night that things would end up like this. We were up most of the night trying to get Bailey to eat. Keith and I would take turns, but nothing seemed to work. She just wasn't interested. We decided this morning to call the pediatrician, but we never received a return call. Finally, around noon we decided to take Bailey to the ER. Thinking it was something simple, like a bug, we took our time and took Aubrey to my parents. When we arrived at the ER they got her back pretty quick. We went to exam room 1 and soon after the doctor looked at her she was sent to the procedure room. We still had no clue what was going on. Keith and I stood in the hall and looked in the room as the hospital staff surrounded her little body. The doctor came out several times to tell us how sick Bailey is, but I didn't understand why. I also didn't want to ask questions because I wanted him to spend as much time with her and less time with us. The did several labs, an echo, an ekg, spinal tap, chest x-ray, and they put her on oxygen. They called her cardiologist to come see her and thankfully they didn't wait on him to start treating her. It seemed like it took him forever to get there. We were told that she went into heart failure and they wanted to air lift her to St. Joe's in Tampa. They got her stable and placed her in the helicopter. I make the drive to Tampa daily for work, but this trip seemed to take forever. When Bailey arrived at St. Joe's we received a call from the PICU nurse saying she arrived there and is doing well. We finally arrived and our little girl was getting several meds via IV and she was still on oxygen and hooked up to several monitors. We're allowed to spend the night here with her, so we plan to do that. Keith and I will split time between the recliner and glider, but I doubt either of us will get much sleep.
One last note, the ER staff at Lakeland Regional did an amazing job with her. We were very fortunate to have this staff care for Bailey. They seemed to do everything right.

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