Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weight Loss

Today (Monday) I began one of my biggest challenges in life. I'm sharing it here, and will continue to post about it, because I'm hoping to have some encouragement. Plus this makes me feel more accountable, and since I have a hard time following through on things, I need that accountability.

About a month ago I was reading the newsletter from the clinic my family goes to for medical care. A doctor from this clinic wrote about his weight loss program. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. It was after the holidays and I was feeling fatter than usual, and it was after a few very stressful months with family medical issues. I mentioned the article to Dr. P, my primary care, and she had nothing but good things to say about Dr. N and told me to contact his office. So I did.

I've struggled with my weight for at least 15 years. I was fine until I graduated high school and everything went downhill. I think my motivation at times has been when I'm single and I feel I have to try to look good all the time. When I'm comfortable with someone, as I am with Keith, I feel good as I am and I don't work as hard as I should to continue to look good.

Now, my motivation is my health. Which is the reason I should be motivated. I need to be healthy. I need to be healthy for me, I need to be healthy for my husband, I need to be healthy for my children, and I need to be healthy for my parents. Each of those people depend on me, or will need to depend on me sometime in the future. I can't imagine life continuing on without me. I can't imagine not being able to watch my girls grow up, I can't imagine not being able to help my parents as they grow older, and I can't imagine Keith being alone with all our responsibilities... or even worse, I can't imagine him finding someone else. I'd find a way to make his life miserable if he did something like that!

I have tried many diets in my life. I've tried Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Atkins, Pills, calorie counting, and many more. They have all been successful while I was on them, but when I ended the diet I gained more that I originally weighed.

Over the past few months I haven't been feeling well. Mostly due to sinus issues. I've had numerous tests during this time, plus Dr. N did some tests prior to the start of my weight loss program. The results haven't been great. It seems every time a test is done, I can expect a call to address the issues found. I'm only 34 and I really shouldn't be dealing with health problems at this age. I need to lost half my body weight to be at a healthy weight! That's sad!

So, today I started. For breakfast I had a fruit cup with yogurt and walnuts. For lunch I had a Kashi meal, a slice of wheat bread, and dried cranberries. For dinner I had a chicken breast and squash. For a snack I had grapes. I ONLY drank water today... which is very difficult. I'm a soda drinker day and night, and I miss my soda. So, I have survived day 1 of many.



Shelby said...

That's awesome! Good for you and good luck!! I'm sure you'll do great! Oh and Im sure a diet coke once a day isn't going to hurt! :)

Emilie said...

Good Luck!! I need to be doing this with you. I have switched to water 99% of the time, but the chocolate. Oh how I LOVE it! I'll be pulling for you, and maybe I'll even get up and excercise a little myself!

datri said...

Good luck! I can totally relate. I need to lose 80 pounds. Took 20 off. I think 5 has crept back on. I was going to the gym every day which was great, but now that the kids are on summer vacation, haven't had time. And summer means ice cream and fair food! I just can't imagine summer without those.

Dustin and Kelly said...

Tricia, reading this post made me feel like I was reading something I should have written. I am at the heaviest I've ever been in my life, but I can't stop eating! My worst times too are at night and on the weekends. Because I'm constantly doing something at work, I usually don't eat too much, but I don't always make the best choice when ordering out! I'm interested in knowing what the plan is that you are doing. Good idea on posting about it on your blog - you'll have people who can relate! I too want to get healthy for my kids. I don't want them ending up like me, but I'm not setting the best example. Plus, physically I'm having a hard time keeping up with them with hip and knee pain, which no doubt is exacerbated by the weight!!

By the way, your girls are adorable!

Keep up the good work!