Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Been SO Long

I almost forgot my password!!! Keith had to remind me this blog existed by telling me I've been neglecting it!

Wow, what has happened these past few weeks. Has my life been THAT boring, I haven't posted anything, or has it been THAT exciting I haven't had time. Well, if you looked at my Facebook page you'd realize it hasn't been that exciting. I need to do a Disney montage from our vacation. I can't believe I haven't put pics on here yet.

Bailey is doing very well. She used a walker today at school and walked! I am SO proud of her! We are in the process of getting a walker for her to use away from school, but that process is taking much longer than I expected. She's been full of personality lately, and I see her beginning to have Aubrey's personality.

Aubrey is also doing very well. She loves cheering. They're beginning to learn stunts, and I'll post pictures soon. She's learning so much in Pre-K. I've been told that kindergartners are tested just 30 days after school starts, so I'm very happy we got her into this program. She has learned so much in the past month. She knows all her months, days of the week, and can count to thirty. After thirty, it becomes thirty ten, thirty eleven, thirty twelve...

Keith and I are great. We work, a lot! We really enjoyed our week at Disney, and wish we didn't have to return to reality. Keith continues to work very hard, and I'm just trying to survive at work. I'm still seeking that dream career, that IS NOT management. I've been managing people for 15 years, and I'm over it!

Well Keith and Aubrey should be home soon, and I need to start cooking dinner. I'll post pics soon.


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