Sunday, August 30, 2009

Random Stuff

Friday confirmed my weight loss... 18 pounds! So, of course this weekend I went crazy eating everything I could, then tomorrow it is back to the same 'ole boring stuff. The doctor was very excited for me, and he'll see me again in 2 months. So, my goal for the next 2 months will be 25lbs. That's around 3 pounds per week. Fairly reasonable.

We have 1 week before vacation! We are so excited. We're spending a week at DISNEY... yes we're vacationing less that 30 minutes from home. We're so adventurous! I can't even count the number of times we've been to Disney since Aubrey was born; however, we usually just drive over for the day. This time, we've decided to rent a vacation home near Disney property. It's a fairly large house with a pool and jacuzzi. Which will mean a little privacy, plus we'll be able to prepare meals in the house rather that eating out every meal. This will also allow us to have more space than a hotel room. Which we'll need after spending an entire day together in the heat. Yes, we love each other, but it's nice to have space when needed. I'm so excited for this vacation. We really need some time away from work!

Aubrey had a game yesterday and the boys ended up losing. Her squad looked miserable. They were hot and sweaty, and bugs were everywhere! I just keep telling myself that it'll start cooling off soon. She still enjoys cheering. I wasn't sure she'd survive, but she has.


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Shelby said...

Ahhhhh Im so jealous you're going to Disney for a whole week!! That's awesome! Can you adopt me?? LoL And you know full well that with Disney even though you're only 30 mins from home you'll feel 500 miles from stress! Congratulations on the 18lbs as well! How proud you must be! That's a whole Mason you lost! LoL