Friday, January 15, 2010

Two Months... Really?

Two months later and I update. Facebook is going to be the death of this blog!

We had an amazing Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. We spent time with family and friends. Thanksgiving was celebrated twice. We spent that day at my parents house, and that weekend we visited Keith's family in Orlando. We had a great time.

Christmas was crazy as usual. We attended several Christmas parties, however we did miss our Down syndrome party because Bailey was terribly ill. She spent several days in the hospital leading up to Christmas, and was almost re-admitted on Christmas Eve. It started as a cold, which led to dehydration, which ended with low O2 Sats. It took a couple of weeks, but she finally recovered. Christmas morning was spent at our house with Keith's mom and my parents joining us for brunch, and that evening we went to Keith's dads house for Christmas dinner. The girls enjoyed this Christmas.

We celebrated New Year's eve with Aubrey at Sea World. She and I napped in the afternoon, then we drove to Orlando to celebrate the New Year at Sea World. She was amazing. She was so good, and survived to midnight. She had her first lesson in waiting in line for the women's restroom at an event. She saw confetti fall from the sky, and counted down to the new year.

The pregnancy is going okay. I am exhausted, crampy, and still vomiting. Poor Keith is having to deal with this. I'm in bed at 8pm every night, and I am thankful for his patience. Please don't take this as complaining, this little one is worth everything. We did have a bit of unsettling news this week. I'm hoping it means nothing, and the odds are that it means nothing. I received a call earlier in the week that the preliminary results of the NT scan were normal, and they gave me an appointment for the beginning of February. However, yesterday, I received a call from the nurse stating that the final results were in and Dr. G wants to see me on Tuesday.

At first I was fine, but after talking to Keith I felt the need to know... now! I called the office, but I was sent to voicemail, and I have yet to receive a return call. I've had my share of teary moments since yesterday. I know if this little one has any complications we will face it like we always do. I'll update when we know more.


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