Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another Month has Passed

I think every time I update it's because someone is sick, or has been sick. So, I'll start off with pregnancy news, then end with my germ infested family!

As most of you know, this little one will be another GIRL! Poor Keith. I think we'll have to buy a boy dog, just to give him a little sanity. So, far this little one seems healthy. They did a thorough look at her heart, and everything looks fine. What a relief that was. The final odd from the NT scan are 1:300 for a child with DS. Bailey was 1:5000+ (can't remember the exact number), so I know odds really don't mean much. Of course, terminating wouldn't be an option, so we elected not to do additional testing.

Bailey is doing great! We have been using a gait trainer (walker) with her, and she is taking a few independent steps. She will, when prompted, say I love you. We are getting her new set of DAFO's next week, and hopefully a new walker and kid cart. It's nice to see the process of getting these items only took a short 4 months! Hmph! I've heard you shouldn't complain about things that are free; however, these items are for my child, so I think I have every right to complain. The DS clinic is in a few weeks, and I hope we're able to take Bailey. We've had a few medical issues with her, and I'd like to get a second opinion, and this clinic would be the perfect opportunity. Just last week we found ourselves in the ER again. This time with a double ear infection, tonsillitis, MRSA (AGAIN!), and pink eye. It's just so frustrating that she is sick almost every month. It's to the point that we're missing out on several events because she always seems to be sick. Plus she is missing school, and I hate for her to miss even a day, because she has accomplished so much since starting.

Aubrey is growing up. It's hard to imagine she'll be starting kindergarten soon. She's already talking about dating boys! That's scary! We received her pre-k graduation pics this week. She is writing sentences independently, and knows most of her sight words. Yesterday, we took her to the doctor and she has strep throat! So, she is now in her room "sleeping" (playing with Barbie).

My dad has also been sick, and this illness is causing me to ask you all to pray. He spent a few weeks in the hospital receiving antibiotic treatment and was on a pump for pain. He has since been released. He has a picc line and is receiving IV antibiotics at home to treat the infection. Once the infection has been treated, and his body is stronger he will have surgery. First, he will have surgery on his stomach. The infection in his stomach has caused erosion, which will require surgery. The doctor is hoping all goes well, however he has been honest with his concerns. Then they will treat a mass which is on his pancreas. We are not sure if it is benign or malignant, but we will find out as soon as possible. The primary concern is treating his stomach issues.

Keith is doing very well. He is now a VP! Congrats to him! He has been working long hours, then coming home to help with the girls. He's been great. Especially since I spent a lot of time away from home while dad was in the hospital.

It's COLD in FLORIDA! We're looking forward to Summer. I can't wait to spend time with the girls at some of the parks, aquarium, and zoo before this little one comes around. We'll have a lot to celebrate during the Summer. Keith, Aubrey, and Bailey all have birthdays, and in July the little one will be joining us. Then, the national DS conference is at Disney, which I hope we'll be able to attend. I guess it'll all be about timing.

I hope you all are doing well.


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