Friday, October 12, 2007

It's Buddy Walk Time!

Bailey is still doing very well. She spent the afternoon taking a little road trip with her mommy and Aubrey spent the afternoon at the zoo with her daddy.
I want to thank everyone that has donated to Bailey's Buddy Walk page. Tomorrow is the big day and we've raised over $800.00 for the Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida. That's amazing! It's much more than I ever expected. This group has helped us so much. It provides support families need and has helped us learn what we can do for Bailey to help her live a happy and healthy life.
Once again, thank you so much everyone for the donation. We're walking tomorrow in Orlando, and I'm excited to say Bailey will be joining us! If I had been asked a month ago if she'd be at the walk I would have been unsure, but she's made an amazing recovery and we can't wait to show off our beautiful little girl. For those that haven't seen her Buddy Walk page, here's the link.
Thanks again! I really appreciate all the support we've had over the past 5 months.

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