Monday, October 22, 2007

We're Home!

We're home. Quick update because the laptop has 10 minutes left on the battery. The hospital doc said she was in respiratory distress and that's the reason for the admission. She seems to be doing slightly better, but she's still having a difficult time breathing. We're doing breathing treatments and we'll follow up with her pediatrician this week and in addition to that appointment we'll be seeing her new cardiologist this week. Everyone is sleeping right now. Aubrey still isn't feeling well, Keith is starting to get a cold, and I decided hanging out in the ER would be a great way to spend my Saturday, not that Bailey's hospital room wasn't fun enough. But, I too should start getting better soon. They gave me some meds and rehydrated me and I was back with Bailey in her room before the night was over. Well the battery is almost dead, and I need some rest... back to work tomorrow. I hope everyone stays healthy.

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