Saturday, June 27, 2009


I have so many pictures to add! I need to upload them to the computer... which may be sometime during the next year or two. We've celebrated Aubreys birthday, and we've had hospital visits, we have bathroom pics, we have rash pics, we have bump on the head pics. Since I've waited so long to put them on the computer, it's going to take even longer to organize them.

Aubreys party was great. She had friends from school join us, and we celebrated with noise makers, silly string, bubbles, leis, and lots of other messy things. It was great! It's so hard to believe she's 4 already! She was so amazing today. Very helpful. We cleaned house ALL day! So we rewarded her with a trip to Baskin Robbins. She loved it!

The hospital visits, rash pics, and bump on the head pics all come from Bailey. Our most recent hospital visit was last week when her temp reached 105.1. I've NEVER seen our thermometer get that high. We were able to get her temp under control and we were sent home. We're doing breathing treatments and giving her meds to hopefully get this gunk cleared up. She's been sick since the first week in May! The rash pics are from today, that's a new symptom she decided to add recently. And the bump on the head is from our Down syndrome picnic. I was sitting in front of her on the picnic table and she decided to lean to the side and fall off onto the concrete floor beneath us. Thankfully, I reacted quickly and caught her before she made hard impact. So, the result was a bruised and scratched head.

Like Bailey, I have been sick for a few months. I have an appointment next week with ENT, and hopefully we can come up with a treatment plan and get this bug out of our house. We'll also continue to work with Bailey's doctor to see if we can relieve some of her symptoms and determine a cause.


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