Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alzheimer's Poem

Dear Dad
byJulie Western-Zuge

Dear Dad...
How can I tell you now,
Just how much you've always meant,
Just how proud I've always been

How can I tell you now,
That you have always been my hero,
Everything I want to be

Here you are, this shell of the father I once knew,
Whose face is more dear to me each passing day
Even in your pain making me proud, still

Your sense of humor endears you to all around;
I see the women who can now barely function,
The smiles that light their faces when you stop to kid with them.

What a man you are,
Still the greatest man I've ever known,
Still my biggest hero

Here you are, a victim of life's most hideous disease,
Yet you go on making others feel special,
Making a difference in so many lives

Dear Dad, can I ever be so great as you?
Can I ever let you know how much you mean?
You are one of God's most precious angels

And I thank Him for each day
He allows us to go on having time together,
As this cruel disease slowly steals you from me.

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These past few years have been very difficult for everyone involved, especially for my dad. Nobody deserves this, especially someone who hasn't even reached the age of 60. I know as each day passes he will continue to face challenges brought before him. He will continue to be the great man he has always been. I can only hope he realizes just how much he is loved and needed.


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Kathy NC said...

My name is Kathy and I am 39. I am the full time caregiver to my Dad who has Alzheimer's and lives with me.

In addition to Dad, I have a full time job, 3 dogs, my love of 12 years David and his 14 year old daughter. I get overwhelmed a lot but try to find the humor if I can.

I am writing a blog which shows the lighter side of caring for someone with dementia.

Please pass this link along to anyone you feel would enjoy it.