Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weight Loss Day 29 and School!

Weight loss is still going okay. I have had a few moments of weakness, but I've been impressed by my strength. I never imagined I would survive 2 weeks, but I've made it almost an entire month! I return to the doctor this week, and I hope to report success. I continue to eat fruit and yogurt for breakfast, a Healthy Choice steamer for lunch, and a healthy dinner. I still drink water... lots and lots of water. Sometimes I add flavor by using a Crystal Light packet. I have more energy, and clothes seem to be fitting better.

Bailey returns to school tomorrow. She's in bed, and I'm packing all her bags. We have school supplies, extra clothes, diapers, DAFOs, Leg Immobilizers, lunch, and her Benik Vest. Bailey's lunch will be provided once public school starts, but until then we need to pack lunch for her. We were able to leave her nap mat at school during Summer break, so thankfully we don't have to take that too. Plus, all the items we take tomorrow can stay in her assigned cabinet (it's SO big), and we just replenish as needed. Well it's time to move on to something else.



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