Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bumps, Fever, What Could This be?

Things are still going well for Bailey. She and Aubrey are both taking their afternoon naps. We planned to go to the zoo today, but Aubrey decided she would get sick instead. Her temp stayed around 101-102 the past few days and this morning when she woke up she had little bumps on her arms, hands, legs, face, and feet. So, of course I thought chickenpox! Well we went to the doctor and he looked in her mouth and it's covered with bumps too! Poor baby! So, it seems she has hand, foot, and mouth disease. The doctor said the bumps aren't usually on the entire body, but she decided to be different and have them everywhere. Of course, it's contagious so we'll see what happens to the rest of the family. I was healthy until I had children, but they're worth it! Thankfully it won't last long so we'll be able to enjoy Thanksgiving with our families.
Here's an update on Micah, the little boy I mentioned a few days ago. He started chemo and it has made him very fussy and sick. He'll receive treatments for 3 days and then they'll just watch him closely until his counts go back up. Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

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