Friday, November 2, 2007

We're Going to Elmo!

Bailey had her appointment with the pediatrician today. Everything is going well. She received her immunizations today. Grandma and papa took her because I was working, so I missed the tears! Whew! Her doctor wants to continue the breathing treatments for 2 more weeks. He'll check her again at that time, plus she'll be seeing her cardiologist and gi doc around the same time.
Aubrey is doing well. She has another staph infection, so she's on antibiotics until it clears up. We're taking her to see Elmo tomorrow. This will be her second time seeing him and I hope she enjoys this show just as much as she did the last. She amazes me every day. She has so much to say and she's so descriptive. She sees "beautiful lizards", "pretty flowers", and the "big moon". She also enjoys being a little princess and loves her little sister. Sometimes I think she's more excited to see Bailey than anyone else... well anyone except papa. I hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll update when there's more.

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