Sunday, February 10, 2008

Being a Mom Isn't Always Easy

Hello again! We're all doing very well here. Bailey went to her pediatrician on Friday and he wants us to continue breathing treatments through Winter. It's been so warm here, I didn't even realize it was Winter. Her lungs aren't clear yet, but they're better. They also had to cath her for a urinalysis, and it took 3 tries! Poor Bailey was screaming and I felt horrible. We'll get those results tomorrow. It's been almost 3 weeks since she's had a bladder infection and I'm really hoping it has cleared up. Also, she has PT evaluation tomorrow. I'm so excited that we're finally starting PT!
Aubrey is doing very well. Bedtime is getting very difficult though. She was screaming so much tonight she made herself vomit. I'm sure the neighbors hear her and think we're doing horrible things to our children.
This weekend was full of fun and excitement. We spent yesterday at the zoo with the girls grandparents. We really love our zoo membership! Aubrey loves all the animals and especially loves riding the pony. Bailey just enjoys all the attention she gets. Today we spent some time with their granny and their Aunt Candy and Uncle Tim. Bailey was a little cranky, but Aubrey enjoyed visiting everyone.
Also, we're hoping Aunt Kelli and Mike have a safe trip, and the Alexander family is in our prayers.

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