Thursday, February 28, 2008


Bailey and Aubrey are spending the night with their Grandma and Papa tonight. We had Bailey's speech evaluation today and they'll schedule therapies soon. We also scheduled PT today and she will have it twice per week.

I have an interview tomorrow morning in Maitland at 8:00am! Ack, that's early! Then Bailey will have a renal ultrasound, VCUG, and an x-ray of her neck. Those start at 11:45am, so I'm hoping I make it back to Lakeland to be there for the tests. I've been dreading tomorrow because I hate to see her in pain, but at least these tests will rule out any kidney issues. The x-ray is ordered because her PT wants to make sure there aren't any issues before therapies start. About 10%-30% of people with Down syndrome have Atlantoaxial Instability. The x-ray will determine if she has AAI. The concern is because she seems to have torticollis, but they need to determine if that is the only issue. Here's more information if you're interested. I'll post more tomorrow when we get home.

Please keep Bailey in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow. I've heard the kidney tests are extremely painful.


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