Thursday, February 21, 2008

Looking Good and Lots of Energy

Bailey is doing great! We went to the pediatrician yesterday and he was so pleased with how she's doing. She has also gained almost a pound in less than two weeks. Thats great! She's been losing weight, so we were very pleased to see her start gaining. She now weighs a little over 15 pounds.
Aubrey is also doing very well. She's full of energy, and never stops talking and playing. She's a mini Aunt Kelli, she loves to talk, loves people, and is just a beautiful person. The one person I think Aubrey enjoys being with most is her little sister. If Bailey isn't around, she always asks where Bailey is, if Bailey is crying she always runs to get me, and when Bailey is "talking" Aubrey joins in on the conversation. I can't wait to see my two beautiful girls grow up together.
I hope you all are doing well. Oh, and please send good luck finding a job vibes my way. I really need it!


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