Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Birthday and Nurse Appreciation Day

First, I would like to say Happy Birthday to my sister and grandmother! Happy Birthday! I love you guys! Kelli, you are an amazing sister and have be so supportive each and every day. I truly appreciate you!

Second, today is Nurse Appreciation Day. So it's another reason to celebrate. During Bailey's first year of life she's had more than her share of nurses, and each contributed something to the amazing outcome and recovery she has made. Whether it's a nurse in the doctors office, in the PICU, in CICU, or in outpatient surgery. They have all been amazing, and we appreciate everything they have done for Bailey.

Tomorrow will be Bailey's first birthday! It is going to be such an exciting day and we have so much to celebrate! Also, she's having her OPMS (Swallow Study) tomorrow. Please remember her during this as we're praying that she isn't aspirating. We've started feeding her solids and I know if they determine she's aspirating that will come to an end.

Today was my appointment with the doctor to follow-up on some problems I've had. I knew I would have to make a difficult decision to treat this issue, but it's still not something I'm looking forward to. It's hard to determine what you want in the future especially when I still feel so young. So, I have an appointment with pain management next week and hopefully that will give me a temporary fix.

Congratulations to Karyn and Chuck on the birth of their beautiful little boy, Jacob. I can't wait to meet him. He looks absolutely adorable.


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Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to Bailey! I didn't realize she was so close in age to our Ruby; Ruby will be a year old on Friday!