Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Appointment Update

Well, I guess it's my fault for being an "I need answers" kind of person. I always think there should be an answer and cause for everything, but now I wonder if I should just accept that some things are a mystery. I hate not getting answers.

We went to Dr. K today and I gave him the entire history of the past few weeks. He seemed concerned that today she had only had one wet diaper, but he had no explanation. He seemed concerned that she would only drink chocolate milk from a bottle for babies 0-3 months, but he said her throat is still irritated and that could be the cause, but why can she eat toast which is rough around the edges if her throat is hurting so badly. He's concerned that she rarely has a bowel movement, but he told us to give her an enema and MOM.

So our instructions are to get IV fluids if she goes 8 hours without a wet diaper... well that will happen daily, unless she drinks enough chocolate milk. Give her an enema tonight and tomorrow morning, start giving reflux meds again, and if she has to get IV fluids to get them to give her Prevacid in the IV. I questioned him about her possibly aspirating, but he really didn't comment on that. I explained the coughing and watery eyes, but he didn't seem concerned.

We can't keep taking her to the ER or admitting her for fluids. We can't keep giving her chocolate milk through a bottle. There has to be some reason for this, and there also has to be an end in sight. I can't get anyone to tell me when we'll start worrying about this. Should we continue with chocolate milk for a few days, weeks, months... how long?

This isn't normal for her. She eats and drinks anything! She's also lost 1.5 pounds since our last appointment 2-3 months ago. He said it may be due to being in the hospital, but she weighs the same she did when we were admitted.


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