Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well, the last wet diaper she had was last night. She also had no interest in drinking anything today. Dr. W made the decision for us to take her to the ER. So off to the ER we go. They were able to get us right back, which is great. I hated even going there because I didn't want to expose her to the germs at the hospital, so getting on back was good news. The doctor we had was the same we had when she went into heart failure. He was, once again, great. He checked everything. Urine, negative. Abdominal x-ray showed constipation so we gave her an enema. She was dehydrated, so she received several hours of IV fluids (he says enough to get her through 1-2 days). Chest x-ray showed bronchitis. CBC was okay, but we'll get a repeat in a few weeks with Dr. W. Urinalysis, negative. Bronchitis was a bit of a surprise, since she's shown no symptoms. However, she has now completely lost her voice, and has been sneezing and has a nasty cough. She is still smiling, and has an amazing appetite. We follow up with Dr. W tomorrow, and the doc today said she can return to school Thursday, but we'll get the final okay tomorrow.

I also got an opportunity to thank the doc for everything he did when she went into heart failure. I thanked him for saving her life, but he said he had nothing to do with it. He said she was in Gods hands, and I say we were blessed to have this staff on duty that very scary day.


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Shelby said...

Poor Bailey Bug!! I hope she's feeling better before Saturday!!