Saturday, May 16, 2009

Labs and X-Rays

Yesterday we had Bailey's yearly labs and x-rays done. I thought I would arrive early and finish early so Bailey could be at school when it starts... 9am. So we arrived at Watson Clinic for her x-rays and we were finished within a 5 minutes. Great! However, I did question them about the x-rays because last time I remember they had to lay her on the table to do additional x-rays, but the tech said we were finished. So, off to the lab we go. We arrive at the lab and they try to convince the supervisor to allow them to do a finger stick. The supervisor tells them that Dr. W always wants his labs done in the arm. Well, they get the first vial from the arm, and then the flow of blood stops. So, they become successful in convincing their supervisor to allow a finger stick for the remaining vials. Bailey is just wonderful. Very few tears, and she even smiles as we sit for 30 minutes hearing all the stereotypes of children with Down syndrome and their moms. Finally, we're finished.

Then, we head to Dr. W's office for a weight check. As we're walking to the scales Dr. W sees us and say, "glad you're here. We need to do more x-rays of Bailey's neck". Apparently something didn't look quite right, and had they done the additional x-rays I questioned them about (which were also ordered), Dr. W would have been able to determine if there really was a problem. So, we finish doing the weight check, and she still isn't gaining weight. She's lost 1.5 pounds in 3 months. They're going to recheck her Monday morning.

So, we head back over to the clinic, finish the x-rays, and Bailey arrives at school 2 hours late! I go to my doc appointment, get diagnosed with bronchitis (so happy I went so I can start meds and get rid of this cough). I actually feel great, I just sound like crap! Then, I go to work and continue to worry about Bailey's x-rays. Sometimes I wish doctors wouldn't tell you there could be a problem. Just wait until there's a problem to tell me.

Finally, around 3pm I get a call from Dr. W's nurse. The x-rays look good! Whew! However, there are some issues with her white blood count and they are going to do a repeat CBC in a month. So now, we hang out and wait again. She has been sick a lot lately, so hopefully we just need to keep her healthy so those counts return to normal. We constantly have infections (staph, mrsa, bronchitis, weird fevers). So, we'll see what happens next month.

Well, I'm going to enjoy the rest of my quiet time. Keith is at the movies, and Aubrey and Bailey are both sleeping.


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