Sunday, May 10, 2009

We Have an Appointment With GI

We will be seeing GI on Tuesday, and I will request another swallow study. She has had several in her life because of aspiration, but the last showed clear. Since we had the cold/bronchitis issue maybe that caused some other problems! Thank you all for that advice! We suggested at the hospital that we thicken her liquids, but that idea was dismissed by the staff there. But she is, like Leah said, getting watery eyes and spitting it back out with force. I really could have used an umbrella these past few days! She even refused fruit and applesauce. Well, we'll see what they decide on Tuesday. She'll also be returning to preschool on Monday and I'll get with the speech therapist there and see if she can start working on these current issues.

Yes Em, Dianne called yesterday morning to give me the good news. I'm so happy for her, and thankful that you were able to go up there. Dianne said she was a bit upset that she didn't have family around. So, thank you! I can't believe she was in labor that long... I'm so thankful for cesareans!


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