Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Day Before the Big Day

Well tomorrow is Bailey's big day. This is something we've been waiting for since she was born. It's difficult to say you want your child to have surgery, but I've heard how quick you see improvement. Bailey has struggled since she was born and it's time for her to get a break. She deserves it!
We made a visit to work this morning to tie up a few things and then went to RMH to get a room. Thankfully there was something available. I will post more about our visit here later, but everyone here is great.
Then we went to St. Joe's for pre-op. Things went well and they were able to get blood on the first try! That's great! Usually they have to dig around until they get something good. Keith got there before they started doing her tests so I was able to leave for a while to finish running errands.
Surgery is scheduled for 11:00am tomorrow and will take about 5 hours. I'll update as often as I can.

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