Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thank You

This will be a quick update because I have an appointment in about an hour. Bailey went to her cardiologist today. Thankfully, we're going to find a new one and never see him again. She is doing very well. Her o2 sats were 95, which I've been told is okay. They want it above 94. She still dips down when she sleeps and occasionally when awake so that's the only times she's needing oxygen. Her weight is great... she's a chunk! Welcome to the family, eh? BP and respiratory rate were good. I asked him about PT restrictions because of the surgery/incision and he said that he's stepping into the backdrop with her and that GI can make that decision. He said he'll just follow her once a year and do necessary paperwork on her, but I had no clue her GI doc would tell us if she has any therapy restrictions because of her heart surgery (okay, I'm being a bit sarcastic). Then he saw her stitch from the chest tube and asked if it was his job to remove it. At that point I just wanted to do it myself, and actually I probably wouldn't have made her bleed as much as he did. There is more, but I'm done with this rant. So back to Bailey, she's doing great, isn't crying as much, and is with her grandma and papa right now. Tomorrow we see her pediatrician and he is my favorite doc of all, so hopefully I can get some answers from him.
Also... I want to thank everyone for everything they've done. I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers and generosity everyone has shown my family. It has helped having support from friends and family and without you guys I would have been lost.

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