Thursday, December 11, 2008

Appointments and Other Stuff

This term is officially over. I took my final yesterday, so I'm finished. Unfortunately, I think I may have to skip next term for financial reasons. It isn't easy being in that middle category, where you don't qualify for financial aid, yet you can't afford tuition without it. It's unfortunate that they look at income only, and don't take your debt into consideration, especially since the majority are medical expenses. Oh well... Good news, insurance covered a major medical expense for Bailey. It's one I've had an issue with since February. Just remember don't give up!

We have a contract on our house. I don't believe I've mentioned that yet. I received a call from our realtor that we needed to address an issue at the house. Foul odor(death), lit candle, hole in ceiling, broken window, and a possible body/person in the attic. So, I call the sheriff's department so I'll have a bit of protection when I enter the house. While driving to the house I receive another call from the realtor, "the people looking at the house who discovered the break-in just made an offer". Yes, I think they are crazy, but I'm not going to question that. Since the offer was made we have had another break-in. Now, there is some copper wiring missing and possibly the water heater or AC damage. I've yet to determine the issue there.

Bailey is doing very well. She'll be starting school soon. We recently received the application and I'm waiting for her to move up to the top of the list. We visited the school this week for their Christmas celebration, and I was very impressed. I think she'll get the attention and discipline she needs to prepare her for kindergarten. She saw GI and her pediatrician this week, and they are both very please with her weight. We haven't used her feeding tube in several months and if her swallow study goes well and she continues to gain weight over the next few months we'll get to lose the tube! Also, her staph has cleared up. We really worked hard to battle it this time. Multiple antibiotics, special soap for the entire family, scrubbing the house. All that good stuff.

Aubrey is also doing very well. She's a great big sister, and an amazing daughter. She loves to sing and dance, and keeps us laughing all the time. She's so excited about Christmas, and keeps saying this is the best Christmas ever. We've seen Santa 3-4 times already. I can't even keep track! This is the first year she's been excited to see him. Usually she hides and cries.

We as a family have been busy, busy, busy. I'm ready for the holiday season to start slowing down. I always tell myself to relax, but I always find somewhere to take the girls. We love to play, even though at the end of the day we're truly exhausted. Tomorrow night we have Carrie Underwood tickets. I'm so excited. Then Saturday, I think we'll begin our Christmas shopping. We've yet to purchase 1 gift. Then, on Sunday our church we'll be having their Christmas program in the afternoon, so I plan to take the girls to that as well. Well, Keith is coming to bed, so I'll update more later.

Oh, dad is having more testing done tomorrow. We'll get a better idea on how his memory decline is progressing. Please keep him in your prayers. These tests are very stressful and make him absolutely exhausted.


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