Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Hot in Florida

So, the girls wore shorts and skirts today. It's December, we should be wrapped up in coats, wearing jeans and boots. Instead the windows are open and it still isn't cool enough in the house. Well, enough of my complaints about our weather. I'm sure those without electricity due to their storms would be happy to be in my situation.

Keith and I went to the Carrie Underwood concert Friday. It was great. The opening band was Little Big Town. We, not being country fans, actually enjoyed them. Then Carrie Underwood came out and she was great. I especially enjoyed All-American Girl. She had this adorable girl from the audience come on stage and sing with her. Later that night I received a call from an employee that she was in the hospital, so I ended up working much of the weekend. So, a few of our other plans didn't quite work out.

Saturday morning I worked, then we shopped. We spent most of the day trying to find a swing set. We knew what we wanted. We had been researching for months. However, it seems the opinion of the retail industry is that swing sets don't sell in Winter. Finally, we found one. $200.00 MORE that we planned to spend. But, anything for our girls. So, we loaded up both boxes, came home, unloaded the boxes, and went to sleep.

Sunday, I went to work. Received a call from dad that the swing set is on sale for $100.00 less that what we paid. So, after I get home we go shopping AGAIN. This time with both girls. We get our $100.00 back. Yay! It was so easy! We turn in our gifts for the angel tree, shop more, and I buy myself clothes! Yay! Then, I decide to be brave and take the girls to the Christmas program at church. Bailey was wonderful. She loves music. Aubrey, however, wasn't so great. We sat in the back row so we could make a quick escape if necessary, but this nice lady came to the rescue with books and items to color. Then, after talking to the lady I realize she has a granddaughter with Down syndrome. So, after the program we spent a little time talking, and she spent time loving on Bailey. It was great, I just love sharing her with others.


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