Sunday, December 21, 2008


We had another trip to the ER due to Staph on Friday night. This time it is at the sight of her button. A few weeks ago it was on her bottom. The incidence a few weeks ago was treated very aggressively. Every member of the family had to wash with special soap, we had to scrub the entire house, plus Bailey was medicated with multiple antibiotics and ointment.

Now... we have it again, and they've confirmed it is MRSA. The ER doctor was very positive it could be treated with Septra, however that method has yet to work in the past. Her pediatrician also called the hospital and explained her past. In tears I explained to him this would get worse or happen again, and I was treated like the crazy lady. The ER physician contacted her pediatrician, and I spoke with him on the phone. He also agreed with the method of treatment. So, here we are two days later and she now has a large oozing bump on her button.

I just hate that she has to continue dealing with this, especially since we aren't using the tube anyways!


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