Monday, December 22, 2008

Why Can't I Say Something?

We had a sales meeting at work last Thursday. It was a "fun" meeting. A few games, a little serious stuff, and a gift exchange. There are 4 of us sitting at a table. Two of the people sitting with us have met my little girls, so I would think they would be a little more sensitive. One makes a few comments using the R word. How they and others are R's and then they both start making short bus comments. I become very sad. I wish I could stop wanting to cry when I hear these things, but I just think about Bailey and how she will face comments by people as she grows up. I know people use these words, I know people make jokes. No, I don't feel it is acceptable, but I know it happens. However, I would think people would be a little more sensitive around me. This isn't the first time this has happened at work. I've heard comments made several times before. Never by my employees, but usually by my equals. Last December I lost my previous job because it was purchased by another company and they did mass layoffs. I think I was spoiled there because I knew everyone very well and they were all there to see what we experienced with Bailey's birth and multiple hospital stays during those first few months. They witnessed our fears and struggles, and I think that made them more aware of just how strong Bailey is and how strong other children like Bailey are. Now, I just need to find strength to speak up when this happens.


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Leah said...

I think one thing that happens is that other people don't connect "our kids" with the word "retarded". Honestly, they don't! I have a blog post about the use of the word, and occasionally I send a link to key people. Once they read it, they have a new understanding of how I feel. Feel free to copy it as you need to, or change the wording to suit your needs.