Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday, Friday, Friday!!!

Whew! I survived week one. Monday and Tuesday were okay, but the rest of the week I was up between 4:00am and 4:30am to begin my day. Yes, I know, I'm a BIG baby! It will get better, but the past 3 months have made me very spoiled. I miss my little girls. I miss the smiles, giggles, and the fun we had. I don't miss the tears, whining, and attitude.

It's nice working again. However, I miss knowing what I'm talking about. Management is management, but the terms are different from one industry to the next. So for me, min/max is Build To, POS is something totally different (I forgot what it is now), but VOCs are still VOCs... whew! Sometimes I get very angry about the situation I've been put in due to the purchase of MAB, but I realize it's something that can't be taken personally and I just have to make the best of the situation I'm in. I feel as though I've wasted almost 15 years of my professional life.

Bailey saw her eye surgeon earlier in the week and she said everything looks great! She wants to see Bailey again in about 6 weeks. That was excellent news! We're gradually increasing her tube feeds in hopes that she'll continue to gain weight. Hopefully I can get her coordinator for our Early Intervention program to call me in the next few years (sarcasm) to approve her Speech Therapy. I find it hard to accept that someone that is so important in your childs development can make a comment about how she hasn't checked her mailbox in several weeks, or how it takes numerous phone calls just to get one simple return call. I guess some people are employed because the employer needs a warm body to fill a slot.


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