Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's Wednesday Already?

This week seems to be coming to an end before my eyes. Bailey had some appointments yesterday and they went very well. She saw her pediatrician yesterday and he says she looks good. Her tests last week show that she does not have kidney reflux which is great news! It also showed that she doesn't completely empty her bladder, but it's nothing to be too concerned about. He is planning to check her hearing once we get eye surgery behind us. We're not too concerned with her hearing, but she doesn't respond to hearing her name or when we clap or make other sounds. She also had her appointment with GI and he is also happy with her progress. He said we can start trying solids, but we need to do them with her speech therapists. He said they may want to order another swallow study before starting solids, but he's leaving that decision up to them. Today, we had our first PT visit, and she is so tired now. It's only 30 minutes, but her little body gets so tired. Bailey is almost 10 months old, and they evaluated her development around 4-5 months old. Nothing surprising. We have PT again tomorrow, and on Friday she will be having eye surgery.

I have a job now. It isn't quite the position I was looking for, but it will get me in the door with a company I'm interested in working for. I'll go through their training program as a store manager and hope I can impress them enough to become a market manager.


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