Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tomorrow is the Big Day

It's such a rainy night here in sunny Florida. I'm only 4 days away from returning to the role of a working mom. I can honestly say I'm looking forward to returning to work. However, I know I'll miss my two beautiful little girls. Aubrey is spending tonight with my parents and I already miss her. I can't imagine how difficult it is going to be working again and not seeing her as often as I have.

Bailey is asleep now and at 4:30am we'll be turning her food off in preparation for surgery tomorrow. We'll be arriving at All Children's Hospital around 10:30am and her surgery is scheduled for 12:30pm. The surgery is scheduled to last approximately an hour. This will be very simple and we should be home later tomorrow evening.

Mom and I took Bailey to PT this morning and then we went to play group. I really enjoy the play group we go to, but lately when I leave I feel uneasy. Today, there were only two other moms and babies there. Each mom was talking about how they love to watch their child sleep and how every time they hear a noise on the monitor they go running. It makes me remember the early days with Bailey. The days before her heart was repaired. I remembered not hearing her baby monitor, but hearing her pulse/ox alarm and running to check her, hoping that we weren't going to take another trip to the hospital. Or looking at her color and wondering if this purple color was a bad thing or if it was normal for her. Of course, I've learned from other parents of older children that her purple color will be normal for her. I guess we can say it's her favorite color.

So now, I'm looking to tomorrow and seeing my little girls eyes corrected. Then giving Aubrey a big hug when we pick her up, then doing last minute shopping for Megan's 7th Birthday! Leave it to me to wait until the last minute. I'm the queen of procrastination.

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