Friday, March 7, 2008

We're Home!

I just realized that's the title of many posts for me. But, we're home. It has been a long day for Bailey. We left the house early this morning and arrived in St. Petersburg around 10:00am. Bailey received excellent care this morning. They, of course, were concerned because she was blue. Normal, I say. Then they couldn't find a pulse in her feet. Normal, I say. Finally, after being in recovery for several hours we were sent home. Bailey looks great. She's a bit fussy at times, but she's so strong. I know I would be in bed whining if I had the surgery she just had. I think she's just happy to be finally eating.

Keith is not doing as good as Bailey. He, once again, has the bug that's going around. It seems we continue passing this around and it's just become a vicious cycle. So, Keith has started this cycle and with many prayers I hope this will be the end for us and we won't all become ill. I especially want to keep my two little girls healthy.

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