Thursday, April 3, 2008

I Won't Ramble This Time

Well finally, it's morning time and I'm awake and not at work. I'm required to work one 3rd shift during my training, so tonight will be that night. I hope I'm able to stay awake until 8:00am tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be exhausted, but it's just one night.

Bailey had her ears checked on Tuesday. Everything was great. It seems she is hearing fine. They have recommended another test to test her 8th nerve and up. I don't know much about this test because I haven't had time to do research. The doctor said she did very well hearing voices, but she didn't do as well hearing tones. This is probably normal for her, and she'll be just fine. The doctor said it could just be due to her developmental delays, but they just want to do the tests to be sure. Oh, Bailey also got her first bite from another child yesterday. (Sorry mom and dad, I had to share) She's okay though, and it just looks like a really bad insect bite. It made her day at Chuck E. Cheese's come to a tearful end.

Aubrey is still an active two year old. She still amazes me every day. We are having problems with her telling us what to do. She says, "Mommy, calm down", "Mommy, focus". Now, the power just went out and Aubrey is saying... "No, come on TV. I want to watch Mickey Mouse. Goodness gracious, the TV is bad mommy, the TV is bad. Oh my!"

Well, I must go now. I have a busy day planned.


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