Sunday, April 20, 2008

On Friday, I spent most of the day working and that night I spent a few hours finding some last minute items for the Down syndrome Association of Polk rummage sale. The sale was a success. I believe we raised several hundred dollars for our group. That money will go toward events and helping other families.

Later that day I thought it was my turn for an ER trip. Everything is okay, but I have to follow up with my doctor. This problem has been going on for several months, and I've had several tests. Other than a problem I'm already aware of, nothing else has shown up. So, needless to say that trip and $100.00 copay was a waste. Although I was reminded that I can take pain medication and I received a new prescription. However, I'd much rather be treated than given something to relieve the pain.

Did you see the new pics to the side of this blog of my little girls? Aren't they cute? I love them so much!


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