Sunday, April 13, 2008

High Expectations

Sometimes I wonder if we expect too much from a 2 year old. Is it too much to ask her to sit at the table until everyone is finished with dinner? Is it too much to ask her not to sit on her little sister? Is it too much to expect her to keep her voice down when indoors? Is it too much to expect her to eat what we're eating, instead of pizza? She's just so beautiful and wonderful. If she would let me hold her and love on her all day I would. I'm very blessed to have two amazing little girls in my life.

Last night we visited Aunt Kelli, Mike, and Peyton in Orlando. They spent a week at Universal Studios, and last night was their last night in town. We had dinner at Margaritaville then arrived at home later that night. Today, the girls and I went to church then we visited my grandmother in the hospital. She was admitted Friday afternoon. She's been very weak over the past week and now, to complicate things even more, she has a kidney infection. Her heartbeat was irregular Friday night and they thought they would have to move her to a different area of the hospital, but ended up making the decision to keep her where she is.

Now, the girls are sleeping so I have a little free time. I posted last week about a little girl named Emma. Here's the link to her page if any of you are interested in reading about her and her journey.

Well I hear "Mommy" coming from Aubrey's bedroom, so I guess my rest has come to an end.


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