Sunday, April 6, 2008

Things are Good

Well Thursday was my last update, and what I thought was a full day wouldn't have been if I didn't make a trip on the wrong day. I thought I had something planned in Maitland that afternoon, so I took a trip there. When I arrived there was nobody to be found. Thankfully, mom was able to access my e-mail and see that I had the dates mixed up, by two weeks. It seems I'm mixing things up like that all too often. Then, my training required me to work third shift, so Thursday was that night. It started off rocky. I could see that the person that was supposed to be showing me some of the third shift duties didn't plan on doing that. Finally, after figuring things out on my own and showing her that I have half a brain (well, besides the fact that I can't keep my schudule/appointments straight) she decided to be a bit helpful and things ended up being okay. We were fairly busy which made the time go much faster that I expected. The last two hours were rough because I hit that 24 hour awake mark.

Friday I received a call that our Montero was ready to be picked up. So, when Keith finished work we went to Tampa to pick it up. Well, we had to get a new tag and a certified check before picking up the car. So, now were finally back to being a two car family and not having to borrow a car.

Bailey and Aubrey are both doing very well. They're both asleep right now. We went to the park tonight and Aubrey flew her new Curious George kite, with the assistance of her daddy.

I hope everyone is doing well.


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