Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cancer Sucks!

Once again another child has won his battle and is in Heaven. I want to thank Renee for opening my eyes and helping me understand this horrible thing called cancer. Before having Bailey and meeting so many amazing people I just thought having a child was all fun and games. I didn't realize there are so many people, so many children, that are fighting this battle each and every day. I knew it existed, but I never truly understood. I was blind. So today, I'm upset with myself for telling Aubrey I'm too busy, or sending her to her room to play because I want quiet time. I'm upset with myself for taking what I have for granted, when there are so many other parents who wish they could just hold their child one more time. Thank you Renee for opening my eyes. Thank you Matthew, thank you Cody, thank you Hope. Just remember to give your child one more hug and kiss today. Take time to show them just how much you love them. They deserve it!

Here are a few facts Renee posted on her blog about cancer. These stats are hard to believe. It's scary.

*Each school day, 46 children are diagnosed with cancer.

*On the average 12,500 children and teens will be diagnosed with some form of cancer each year in this country.

*One in 330 children will develop cancer by age 20.

*Although the 5 year survival rate is steadily increasing, one quarter of children will die 5 years from the time of diagnosis.

*Cancer remains the #1 disease killer of America's children - more than Cystic Fibrosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Asthma and AIDS combined.

*In the U.S. almost 3,000 children do not survive cancer each year.

*Over the past two decades, only ONE new cancer drug has been approved for pediatric use.

*Currently there are between 30-40,000 children undergoing cancer treatment in the U.S.

*As a nation, we spend over $14 BILLION per year on the space program, but only $35 MILLION on Childhood Cancer Research each year.

*There are 15 children diagnosed with cancer for every one child diagnosed with pediatric AIDS. Yet, the U.S. invests approximately $595,000 for research per victim of pediatric AIDS and only $20,000 for each victim of childhood cancer.

*Research funds are scarce as most money is diverted to well-publicized adult forms of cancer, such as breast and prostate.

*Right now, this second, somewhere in America, there are 7 children fighting for their lives who won't live through the day.


Please click on Zoey's picture to learn more about her. She and her family are just beginning their battle with AML. She, like Bailey, has Down syndrome. She, like Bailey, is just 1 1/2 years old. Isn't she adorable!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Thank YOU for posting this! Awareness is 1/2 the battle!

Kyle Alfriend said...

Thank you for your post. Awareness is the first part of the battle. Our son was diagnosed with cancer last year. In that time we have seen far too many families lose a child.

Our son has fought hard, and is now in remission, but so much more needs to be done to save others.

Thank you for youor words.

Kyle Alfriend

kathi said...

thank you for your post....

Kathi Clarke

AJay Piniewski said...

I couldn't agree with your title more.

AJs Dad
People Against Childhood Cancer