Saturday, November 22, 2008


I'm thankful for so much more, but right now there are two people I want to mention. My little girls.

I hoped there would be a day when someone would say mommy and be talking to me. I just never realized how much I would love hearing it. I never realized how much mumu(that's what Bailey calls me) would mean, or that I'd even know what mumu meant. But I do!

I love when I walk in a room and Aubrey yells "Mommy!" then comes running into my arms. I love when I walk in a room and Bailey looks at me and smiles with the biggest smile I've ever seen.

These two little girls amaze me every day. But, they do so much more. Because of them, I've become a better person. I think about other people before I speak. Bailey has taught me just how strong I can be, and when I need help to ask for it. I was always the person that could handle anything, or at least I thought I could. I always wanted to be the strong one. I now accept that there are times when you need help. There are times when you need someone to be strong for you. Aubrey has taught me what unconditional love is. No matter how upset I get with her, she'll always snuggle with me at night and tell me she loves me before bed. How lucky am I?


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