Saturday, November 22, 2008


I'm thankful for my parents. Growing up, I never imagined I'd feel the way I feel about them. I always thought they wanted to know too much about my life. What I was doing, who I was with, when I'd be home, and who's driving. I guess all kids go through that phase. I loved them, I just never understood why they wanted to know all that stuff. Now, I understand.

I remember being in high school and 2 classmates where killed in an accident. This happened during school hours, while they were skipping class. The news passed through school quickly. The two girls were in one of my classes... I remember our assignment was to care for an egg as if it were a baby. Anyways, when I heard the news I ended up taking the rest of the day off from school. I remember eating lunch with my mom and she was so upset about these girls. She didn't even know them. I, of course, didn't get it. I couldn't figure out why she cared.

Then, I ended up having children. I ended up knowing mothers who have lost their children, and now, I understand what she was feeling. I understand that fear of losing a child. I understand that reality she faced. You sometimes feel you'll never be that family, you'll never be that person facing a loss. Then, it hits so close to home. Now, I get it. I understand that love a parent has for a child.

Now, my parents take on the task of keeping our children while Keith and I are at work. They take on the task of therapies, doctor appointments, school, dance class, and so much more. They drive across town, to another city, anywhere they are needed to help make my life easier. They take on this extra work, without complaining or expecting anything in return.

I'm so happy to have them nearby. I enjoy talking to them on the phone each day, and seeing them whenever I'd like.

Dad has a memory disorder. Tests are showing that his memory is rapidly declining. He isn't even 60 yet. Scary. We've been told there will probably be a time when he won't remember us. That he won't even know our name. I think he's realizing that now, he's becoming more and more reserved. I'm thankful for the time I've had with him, and the time I have left with him. I'm thankful for the many years we worked with each other. The years we shared an office, worked together to solve problems, and worked to keep our customers happy. I miss those days. I'm so lucky to have him as a dad.

Mom is great. She works so hard to keep their schedule straight, not forget appointments, and fit in the girls busy schedules. I don't think she realizes how much she really does. I appreciate all she does. She is having some medical problems of her own. I know she's in pain, only because we've talked about it. But, she never lets anyone see that pain. She always listens when I have problems. She never tells me I'm wrong or says I told you so when I've made a horrible mistake. And yes, I've made a few too many of those in my life. When Bailey was born she was the first person to say, "Down syndrome? So what, we'll love her anyway". She didn't care, and she let me know that it wasn't a big deal. I didn't believe her. I thought my life was over. Thankfully mom was right, it really isn't a big deal.


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