Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Circle B Bar Reserve/Nature Discovery Center/Naturefest, Backyard Adventures

November 1st was a busy day for us. It started with everyone getting showered and dressed and heading to Circle B Bar Reserve for Nature Fest and the opening of the Nature Discovery Center. This is a project Keith has been working on for over a year, and it was well worth all the hard work. The property is beautiful and the educational buildings and activities even kept Aubrey's attention. She loved everything... except the reptiles. I even think she wants granddaddy and grandmolly to take her to the Audubon center near their house. Here are a few pictures.

This is Aubrey playing in the field while we wait for the shuttle.

Beautiful. I think this was one of Aubrey's favorite parts of our visit.

All that hard work to climb to the top, and she gets upset!

Bailey liked the reptiles.

Aubrey was a participant in a presentation on the history of Florida.

So sleepy.

After that visit the girls and I took Keith home so he could watch the Florida/Georgia game. Go Gators! During the game, the girls and I went to Backyard Adventures for a little indoor fun.

This is Bailey's way of playing with the bounce house.

She made it to the bottom! Way to go Aubrey!

I remember the days when I was that active... 30 years ago!

So sweet!

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