Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Back to Reality

So, we returned from a nice vacation and it was back to reality. Priority for us was to deal with Bailey and see what was going on with her. On the cruise she wouldn't eat or drink. She would store everything in her mouth, but never swallowed. We went to her pediatrician on Tuesday(last week) and he determined she had MRSA again. We did not do a culture, but he was confident. Then on Wednesday we ended up in the ER with Bailey because her temp went to 103 and wouldn't break. Thankfully, we were taken to peds immediately, and seen quickly. They did do a culture, opened up the wound and drained it, and decided not to admit her, but have us return several times over the next few days. So, we returned and everything continued to improve. Then, I received a call from the hospital confirming the culture came back positive for MRSA. We are continuing to watch her, but she is still showing improvement.

Well because of the MRSA issue, her eye surgery will have to be rescheduled. This will be her second and hopefully last eye surgery. They'll be doing it at All Children's Hospital in St. Pete. The doctor tried glasses in her office, but saw no improvement in her vision/crossing. Please pray for success.

Aubrey is battling a cold, I've already won my battle, and Keith is starting his. Bailey... well she's still without symptoms.


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Shelby said...

Poor Bailey Bug! I'm glad you guys had an awesome vacation! Im so totally JEALOUS!! I really want to do a cruise, but that whole being on a boat in the middle of the ocean freaks me out big time!!