Saturday, April 4, 2009


The past few nights have been filled with dreams/nightmares of our upcoming closing of our nightmare home. We purchased this house in 2005, when the market was a sellers market. Well... let's just say we paid a bit too much for it. Now, several years later we've decided to sell it. So, we found a realtor, moved out, put a sign up and hoped for the best. Then I receive a call that someone broke into the house. Well, of course we had damage. A broken window, hole in the ceiling, all copper wiring removed (even the plug to the oven), wiring to the AC removed, and freon drained from the AC. So... we get an offer on the house. We start making repairs on the house, then find out the buyers have vanished. Then, a few days later we get another offer. So, final repairs should be made next week and we should close before the 15th... hopefully.

Oh! We're back from our cruise. I'll update later.


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