Monday, April 6, 2009

Vacation Day 2 (Happy Anniversary!)

So, on day 2 we left our hotel around 11:00am and headed to the port. It was a short drive, only about 10-20 minutes. We arrived at the port, unloaded our luggage with the porter, and parked. This process was easy. Then, we checked in, got the key to our room, had our boarding pictures taken, and then we were on the ship. We were greeting with champagne, and the girls were greeted with a glass of OJ. The ship was beautiful. Very clean and the staff seemed so friendly. Then, after just being on board for a few minutes we, of course, decided to eat. After lunch we found Keith's dad, Molly, Tim, and Michael. We visited for a few minutes and then all separated to find our rooms. Aubrey changed to her swimsuit and we went to the pool deck for the sail away party. After that we had dinner, went to a show, then Keith and Michael went to the bar and Aubrey and I had fun shopping and watching my dad play blackjack. Aubrey was so spoiled. The lady in the Del Sol shop painted her nails... each one a different color, then gave her two rings, then I got her a pair of sunglasses and a new shirt. After that, Aubrey passed the nightclub where they were playing loud music and dancing. She was almost spellbound. So, we went inside and listened to the music and Aubrey enjoyed dancing.

Aubrey in the kids pool.
Whew! It was very windy!

Bailey was excited!

Yes, she's spoiled.

Beautiful Miami as we're heading out to sea.
Our room... it isn't very large!
This is Aubrey's bed. We did fold it out at night, and she slept very well.
She was amazed and excited!

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MACMAN said...

Next time you are in South Florida, you should stay longer. It such a beautiful place. You can try some of the local attractions with your children too, like going to the everglades, or swimming with the dolphins in Miami. Nice blog you have.
God Bless,