Thursday, April 9, 2009

It' a Beautiful Day

We closed on our house today! I'm so excited to be rid of that nightmare! I miss it sometimes, but I don't miss the $$$ mortgage, the smelly bathroom (no, not that type of smell!), and the not-so-safe neighborhood. However, I will miss the spacious bedrooms. I do love where we are now. I love that we have 3 fenced acres for the girls to play in, I love that we have the ability to eventually purchase it if we'd like, I love that we're saving money, and I love the security I have here. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted.

There's more... yes, I have more good news! Bailey will be starting school in the next few weeks. Bailey?... yes Bailey! I'm so excited that she'll be attending classes at Achievement Academy. She'll be in a class of 10 students with 1 teacher and 1 para.

Well, I guess that's enough excitement for today.


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Shelby said...

OMGosh YaY for Bailey!! She's so awesome, my lil cupcake hound! LoL I'm glad you're finally getting finished with the house. I know what a headache its been for ya'll.

Yeah I finally got a blog. I get bored at work, not to mention Im a lil grouchy! And thought this might be a constructive outlet to vent! Not to mention I've written NOTHING down this pregnancy. I'm so horrible! I haven't even started his baby book yet. Nice huh?!

Our new address is actually the same mine has always been it's just apt# 309D now. LoL