Saturday, April 4, 2009

Vacation Day 1

We began our vacation last Thursday. Keith and I both started our days at work. I took care of any paperwork that needed to be done before my return and left work around noon. I also met with the electrician at the house that is hopefully sold. When I arrived at the house the electrician informed me that the buyer had just stopped by and told him all the repairs that are needed. I, of course, made a quick call to my realtor to inform her of how unhappy I was that this lady took it upon herself to discuss repairs with my electrician. It isn't her house yet, and she shouldn't be there without her realtor. We determined all necessary repairs, called the sheriffs office to do another incident report (because we keep finding items which have been taken), called the insurance company to add more to the claim, then went home to finish packing.

Keith got home around 5:30pm and we loaded the car and went to my parents to get them and the girls. We all piled into the van, put a DVD in for Aubrey (I love our van!) and started our 5 hour journey to Miami. Bailey cried for over an hour. We finally stopped for a break and I was able to get her to fall asleep. We arrived at our hotel in Miami around midnight. We had two rooms, both with double beds. I called front desk and asked if they had a pack and play or crib for Bailey to sleep in and she said "yes, but we can't get one for you until tomorrow morning when housekeeping gets in". Well, that does me no good. So, in 1 double bed slept me, Bailey, AND Aubrey. I actually slept fairly well.


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