Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Vacation Day 3

So day 3 we arrived in Nassau. We had breakfast (notice a theme? we love to eat), and got off the ship at 10:00am for our excursion. We were greeted by a nice lady and asked to wait... and wait... and wait... while the others in our tour got off the boat. Then we walked... and walked... and walked until we arrived at a boat where we boarded and took a journey to another boat. Then, we made the transfer from one rocking boat to another rocking boat. It actually wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be... even with the children. The boat we just got on is called a semi-sub (similar to a glass bottom, but not as bad). So we climbed down to the bottom of the boat. We saw various fish and Aubrey really enjoyed seeing all the different types. She did want to see Nemo and a shark, but that didn't happen. Then we climbed back to the top of the semi-sub, transferred back to the other boat, and returned to the pier. After we got off the boat we boarded a bus for our city tour. We went to the Queen's Staircase, drove past the hospital, and visited two forts. Then, we returned to the ship. The girls and I took a nap. After dinner, Keith, Frank, Molly, and I went to the Newly Not So Newlywed Game, and Aubrey went to the Kids Club where they took over the ship during their Pirate Parade. That night Bailey started showing signs she wasn't feeling well... I just hoped we could make it home before she got took sick.


This cute dog was waiting for us went we returned to our room for bed. Aubrey destroyed it, because I told her she had a surprise in her room. She didn't realize THIS was the surprise. Instead she thought the surprise was inside the dog.
Aubrey and Michael at one of the forts.

This is the tail end of the Pirate Parade

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